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Well, the dolls got more than they bargained for when they made the trip to Colorado in November. One day of lovely weather for the first batch of pictures, and then we got dumped with a whole bunch of snow the next. Well, don’t worry, with the sun out shining today it was actually quite a bit warmer than it looks…

…though poor Sumalee, the Thai visitor, really was quite unprepared for the cold. Her name means “Flower” I am told, and she is dressed just like one. Her outfit came out so, so lovely, I think. She is wearing a pretty necklace that actually can be shared with her new mama. 16″ doll

We also have some more pictures of Gita today. Gita is a 16″ Indian girl. She comes with a darling barrette, as well as a little coin purse on her wrist.

Next up is Ali, a 16″ Afghan boy. His hat and vest are just amazing, so detailed and colorful.

And, finally, Sonia, another doll from India, this time a 12″ one. Her name means golden, and I absolutely couldn’t resist giving her this beautiful hand spun hair with gold colored strands throughout. It is one of the prettiest handspun yarns I have ever used, I think, and certainly causes Sonia to live up to her name.

Well, there you have it, the final dolls in the Asian collection. They will be on Etsy tomorrow (Friday), time to be announced. Let me also post the prices here, too. As I am sure you can imagine, these dolls all took significantly more work than the ones I normally do, as well, the materials, which hail from all around the world, cost quite a bit more than I usually use. Between the planning, pattern drafting, dyeing, photos and material cost naturally the dolls are priced higher than normal. And, this is the reason why I am able to make special edition dolls from time to time. I’m sure you can understand, but I thought I would explain it none the less.

16″ dolls (Eun, Fuyuki, Nuha, Gita, Sumalee and Ali) are $270

12″ doll (Sonia) $200

9″ (Keiko) $165


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This is a new group of dolls that I have been working very hard on and planning for weeks. The idea all started with Dianah, a lady who contacted me through Etsy, requesting that I make dolls representing different countries in Asia. She felt that many of those countries have been underrepresented in natural dolls, and I was very flattered that she thought of contacting me to see if I would be able or willing to make them. Considering that I actually have never even traveled outside of the United States, I initially felt embarrassingly under qualified to attempt her idea!  However, as I thought of it I became greatly intrigued and wondered if I should see if I could pull it off.

Fortunately- and in fact, without this I do not think there is any way  I would have attempted this- Dianah was extremely helpful- from sending me internet links of different regions in costume- to links to fabric shops from all around the world where I could get items, accessories, fabric, and trim for the doll clothing. From there it was a matter of doing what is my absolute favorite part of doll making- pulling together all sorts of different fabric, trims, hand dyed and hand spun  yarn, to attempt to make everything come together into something cohesive and fun. And, oh I am so glad that I decided to try to make it work. Let me tell you, for a couple of weeks Amy and I were sweating it, concerned that the outfits wouldn’t look right, or fit, or even be possible to pull off, but this last week, as all the pieces came together, I couldn’t stop squealing with delight with each one. It seemed that I liked each new doll that came together more than the last, and I will tell you the truth, I honestly cannot pick a favorite. If there was ever an upload where  Iwished I could keep each and every last doll, this one is it. My children, who watched in fascination, as well as adding suggestions and offers of help, feel exactly the same way, though they begged, absolutely begged to keep Nuha, the Arab girl. Her beautiful scarf I think made her end up being a favorite. As for me, I’m just not going to say, since each one speaks to me in a completely different way.

I have five dolls to show you today, since the other three are still being completed. Still to come: 16″ Afghan boy, 16″ Thai girl, 12″ Indian girl, as well as plenty more photos of Gita, the 16″ Indian girl. I will have details about all eight dolls for you shortly on Facebook. But you will need to give me just a few days to get them all done, and then, I promise, of course, lots and lots more photos. Oh, one more thing, I promised Dianah, who was so sweet to work with me, that I would reserve one of the eight dolls for her, so of course one of the dolls will not be available for sale. I do hope you enjoy the dolls as much as I enjoyed the process of making them. An extra special thanks to Amy for taking so many of the gorgeous photos, as well as to Evie, Bethany and Grace for helping model the dolls, the wonderful Tarah and Erica, of course, who sew doll bodies and heads of hair for me each week!, and thanks to all of you, for pushing me in directions I would never have thought of going, causing me to step out of my comfort zone once in a while and to try to new things I would have never done on my own.

So, without further ado, here are…

Fuyuki (16″ Japanese boy )

Keiko (9″ Japanese girl)

Eun (16″ Korean girl)

Nuha (16″ Arab girl)

Nuha and Gita (16″ Arab girl and 16″ Indian girl) – and close up of the lovely barrette in Gita’s hair

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