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Jem and Scout

Let me introduce you to Jem and Scout, two 16″ Tumbleberry dolls. Feeling the change in the air from summer to fall brings to mind one of my favorite books, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I feel I was fortunate enough to have not read this book as required reading in high school, reading the book for the first time, instead, a few years ago as an adult. What a wonderful discovery it was, one of those books that I never wanted to end. My favorite part about it is the way Harper Lee slowly, subtly, develops the characters through the story and by the end of it finding a respect for them and their decisions that at first introduction I had no idea was there. In fact, my  husband and I liked the characters so much we gave Jude the middle name Atticus.

To me this book, though not a children’s book, wonderfully illustrates the innocence of childhood, which is why I chose to make dolls this week inspired by Jem and Scout. It tells of fall, and back to school, and playing out in the sun all day, and brings to mind nostalgic thoughts of happy, playing children. This is what I tried to capture when I made Jem and Scout. Regardless of whether or not the dolls are exactly accurate according the descriptions in the book, this is how I have always pictured them.

Jem has a wool flannel shirt and a pair of overalls. He also is wearing a corduroy jacket for the nippy days when fall is in the air. I made him a cap, since his hair is a bit overgrown, beginning to be in need of a haircut, naturally. I gave him just a handful of freckles, leftover from long days in the summer sun. He also has a pair of brown shoes but prefers to go barefoot.

Scout has a short mess of curly hair that generally is unkempt when she is off playing with Jem in a pair of overalls and checkered shirt. Her skin is tan from lazy summer days.  I feel sure that she would always be barefoot as well, however, I made her a pair of matching lavender Mary Jane shoes that go with her shirt. She also comes with  a vintage style orange and cream floral dress and bloomers that surely Calpurnia makes her wear on Sundays. She has a matching orange yoked sweater and her hair is contained with a gray ribbon. She couldn’t find her shoes, so she is wearing a pair of Jem’s old boots.

I had so much fun making these two dolls. I hope you enjoy them as well!


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