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Pictures From a Birthday Party

Tire Swing

Amy took these gorgeous shots last week at a birthday party we were at, on a gorgeous Colorado evening. The evenings here in late spring/early summer really can’t be beat- the light is perfect, the weather, flawless. And, if Amy has her camera along, everyone looks like models for some magazine. I love the way kids are in pictures. I saw Grace swinging Truman in the tire swing as a halo of light glowed behind them and begged Amy to run out with the camera and get a picture. Then, Evie, who loves to be in on any kind of action, especially the kind that involves attention, waltzed over, and snatched her baby brother up and began to smother him with kisses.

Evie and her baby brother

Of course, the camera right in hand, Amy documented that as well. Kids have the easiest time in the world being candid and impromptu, it seems. So much more of a struggle for me. Anyway I hope you enjoy these.


Me and my little guy!

Close up



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First Few Weeks in the Country

Lover of Books

So fun to share my favorites with her

It landed on the wall for the day…

They bring me so much joy…

He’s two now!

View from the porch


We’ve been having a great time living out here, kind of in the middle of nowhere…to me, a thirty minute drive to the nearest grocery store constitutes the middle of nowhere. Not a single house as far as the eye can see is the middle of nowhere. Our house is teeny and cozy- think “Little House on the Prairie” and that’s the idea. We love it.  The privacy and quiet is very inspiring. It really fuels my creativity- not as much for the dolls right now, but for cooking, sewing and knitting projects, painting (furniture!) and home schooling. I can’t remember many times in my life where I haven’t had a million ideas brewing, and being out here seems to draw it out of me even more. Maybe I’ll write about that more next time. Meanwhile, here are a few pictures I’ve taken since moving here. Talk to you again before too long!

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