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Babette’s Blanket

I’ve wanted to make this blanket for such a long time. Once I started it I just haven’t been able to stop! all those teeny, colorful, squares, coming together into a beautiful mosaic. Crochet can be so fun, too, for a change from knitting. The kids and I have a blast playing around with the squares as I keep making more to be sewn up.


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First Smiles

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I know you keep hearing me say that I have some cute little Tumble Friends planned for the shop, but not until today have I finally gotten a chance to get started on them. Thanks to Truman’s unexpectedly long morning nap…








…I got quite a bit of sewing done while the kids tackled their school work.






























So here are some step by step photos for you. Proof that I do, indeed, have at least one doll in the works!


































(this yarn, by the way, is the most gorgeous doll hair I have ever felt or laid eyes on- it’s soooo pretty!)


















So there you have it, folks- the start of a Tumble Friend. I’m pulling out some pretty yarn to knit her some fun stuff, and inventing outfit ideas in my head before I send the fabric off to Amy to tell her what to sew! This slower pace of doll making is going to be the status quo at least for a while, and I am really enjoying it. It is nice to take my time and let an idea come together at its own pace. This doll should be available in a couple of weeks, along with a sister or two.

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Our Days

Sleeping babes…(usually in the sling or in my arms, but now and then a little nap on his own)



Little boys starting to play dress up with the big kids (he was a pirate and carried a sword)



Matching PJ’s…I absolutely can’t wait to see these two little boys playing together in a year or so…



Lots and lots of school and piano practice. With three kids taking lessons the piano is being played All.Day.Long. Love it.

Somewhere in the middle of this some doll ideas are dancing around in my head. Maybe later on today I can get started on them? If so, I’ll share on here tomorrow!

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